Konstantina Tassopoulou


Konstantina was born in Athens in 1977.

She studied journalism (Professional Journalism School of Athens) and piano and harmony core (Bachelor Degree in Piano and Harmony). As a pianist she accompanies choirs, chamber music concerts, theatrical and dance performances. In 2009 she received the International Art Society and Academy Award "Artist of the Year" (category short story).

She's a member of the National Society of Greek Writers, the Women's Literary Society and a founding member of the non-profit Cultural Company "la Melena del Huachinango".

As a writer she has been awarded by the following institutions:UNESCO, Greek Ministry of Culture, Literature Circle "Zalonis-Xasteron", Literary Magazine "Celaeno", Edessa's Association of Bibliophiles, Literary Bistro "Stella" and Literary Committee "Stelios Xefloudas".

She has written the books: In Numberland (Kastaniotis Publications), Maintenance Fees (Kastaniotis Publications), Hold your eggs... they are red (Otherwise Publishing), Kidy & Fanouris (Otherwise Publishing), The summer of Euclid (Ocelotos Publishing). When Christmas is (Ocelotos Publishing), What is Christmas? (Ocelotos Publishing), Cooking with a Fish (Itanos Publishing), Cheese-words (Itanos Publishing), Cockroach-telling (Itanos Publishing), To sing the carols (Itanos Publishing), Drops (Aparsis Publications), Wedding Stories (Entypois Publishing).

She has collaborated with the Greek magazines: "Voyager", "VimaDonna", "Broadcasting", "Metropolis", "Little Tongues", "ElaMazi" and "Thessaloniki Art & Culture".

Konstantina Tassopoulou